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From childhood, I was a bookworm. I tend to read a lot of books and magazines. Every time I got good marks in my exams, my parents bought me books as a reward. There is a small library in my living room with various type of book collection. As a child, I usually read storybooks. Maybe you are thinking why I’m telling all this in past tense. Here’s the reason why.

In 2010, I got my first personal computer. Day by day my relationship with the computer increased and decreased with books. And surprisingly I haven’t read any new book for the past few years. Actually, I did read my textbooks and other stuff that is necessary for my exam and other kinds of stuff, but that doesn’t count here.

For the last few days, I’ve been watching some videos and reading some blogs that inspired me to start rereading books. I actually ashamed of myself. I mean reading book is a good habit that everyone should have it. So I decided to read two new books in the upcoming month. I’ll try, but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to complete them within a month. Because the books I have selected comes with more than 450 pages.

My Selected Books

I’ve selected two of the existing books that I bought but haven’t read. Here they are-

Game of Thrones

This famous best selling book I purchased last year as a souvenir when I visited Dhaka Nilkhet Book Stores for the first time. I have watched the Game of Thrones TV series and loved (so excited to watch the last season). So I decided to read the original book. Because I learned a lesson from my previous experience. By the time when I was reading the Harry Potter series, I realized that the TV adaption of a novel doesn’t cover the full story. So I decided to read this first part of this series to dig deep into the tale. I’ll try to rest of the series too when I finish it.


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The reason behind purchasing this book was an influence from a boot that I’ve read. And a couple of movies too. Maybe you have read or heard about one of the best-selling books of all time ‘The Da Vinci Code.’ After reading this book, I watched some movies based on novels written by the same writer. And guess what, I fall in love with Dan Brown’s writing. I bought this book immediately after its arrival at my nearest book store. But I never read it. So I think maybe it’s time to start.

My Next Plan and Conclusion

I’ve planned to write a short review after reading all set up my next reading goal. I created this website nearly a year ago, but nothing did with it. So I’m thinking about publishing new blogs. So maybe you can check my site regularly from now. Thanks for reading my boring inexpert writing.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that leave your comment down below if you have any book suggestion or about your reading goal.

Thanks again. Love.